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My Practice Philosophy

My Practice Philosophy

I believe that my responsibility to my patients is to inform them of their options and to suggest the exact treatment plan that I would accept for myself if I were in their situation.

You will notice evidence of my philosophy in every aspect of my practice. I built a new building in 2005. It is a nice brick building, well-constructed with quality materials. But it is not flashy or showy and it contains no features that aren’t necessary for dentistry. My operatories are modern, clean, and efficient, but they are not loaded with every latest gadget designed to “hard-sell” dentistry.

I’ve seen some truly impressive offices with obviously expensive architecture and huge investments in marketing tools. I, like most sensible people, realize that the cost of all that pizzazz is being passed on to the patients. You can tell the moment you walk in that your going to be over-sold and over-charged. The worst thing is , none of those impressive computer imaged simulations of your future treatment plan have any relevance to whether or not the dentist even has the talent in his hands and eyes to deliver the results his computer has promised you!

When I was a year out of school, I worked for a dentist who explained his business approach by saying “Every new patient that walks in the front door is presented a $6000 treatment plan. Even if you can only talk 10% of them into accepting, you’re still averaging $600 per patient”. Those figures are from 1990 and I can’t imagine what they are now. I was appalled by this because the man was boasting to me that he willfully sells people treatment they don’t need. I asked him “what do you do when they don’t need any work”? He smiled and said “They all need something”.

Patients need to be very careful not to be taken by overly aggressive practitioners. If I see something wrong with one of your teeth, I will show it to you, explain it to you in a way that makes sense, and tell you what I would do if it were my tooth. The explanation will ring true to you because it will be true. Most patients can sense something isn’t right when they are being lied to.

My job is to gain your trust by deserving your trust, and then to never betray your trust. I feel that the best way for me to continue to be profitable over the years is to develop a patient base that knows their trust is well placed.